Anonymous Short Film


“An emotionally honest and engaging film.”

Anonymous is a short film, focussing on the impact of commercial progress and gentrification in the UK, seen through the eyes of an ageing drag queen failing to come to terms with the changing face of Soho.


The story follows a day in the life of Mimi as she attempts to navigate her way through a once familiar Soho that is becoming increasingly alien to her. Having been a cabaret performer in the late seventies - a time when live entertainment was common place in Soho - Mimi continues to perform her art to an ever decreasing and less encoring audience, whilst iconic venues close their doors around her in favour of redevelopment.


With her life and sanctuary changing at a rate of knots, Mimi's sense of identity and self is challenged and she is given the choice of either clinging to the past or accepting the steamroller of progress.


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